Mulch Film

The process of covering the open surface of the ground by a layer of some external material is called mulching & the material used for covering is called as ‘Mulch.’

  •     Mulching helps to retain soil moisture, so less amount of water is required during irrigation. Mulch directly conserves water.

  •     Mulching helps to regulate soil temperature, which is beneficial for proper root growth.

  •     Mulching also protects soil from erosion, heavy winds, intense sunlight & overall weathering.

  •    Mulching arrests the growth of harmful weeds by not allowing their seeds to germinate. Therefore the biggest problem of weeds is resolved.

  •    It is well known that overall yield is sometimes doubled when mulching is done on vegetable, flower or fruiting crops.
Practice mulching in your garden & improve the quality & health of your soil.

Shrink Films

Product versions

  •     PrimoSack

  •     PrimoBag

  •     PrimoHood

Key benefits
  •     Made of the best raw materials to ensure durability and product safety
  •     Suitable for both food and non-food applications
  •     Versions with different types and dimensions for different industry needs
Safe storage and handling
  • Rani Plast provides a wide range of strong plastic containers, including sacks, bags and hoods, for the internal and external handling of various items and components.

  • Our products can be used as primary and secondary packaging, and their excellent quality guarantees that items are well protected during storage and handling.

Primo CollationShrink

Key benefits

  •     Mechanically strong shrink film suitable for beverage packaging

  •     Available with recycled and biobased PE

  •     Printed and unprinted

Product use

Our high-quality beverage shrink film is suitable for retail beverage products packed in a variety of containers:

  • PET bottles
  • Aluminum cans
  • Glass bottles
  • Trays

Silage Film

  •     It reduces the rate of spoilage during bad weather.

  •     It enhances the nutritional value and quality of forage during storage.

  •     Maintains the nutritional value of forage and inhibits undesirable fermentation processes.

  •     Forage covered by Silage Film is of high density and is easily digestible by the cattle.


Fumigation Film

  •     As growers move away from using methyl bromide to control weeds, pests and diseases, the need for impermeable fumigation films arises.

  •     Primo meets this growing need with its unique 5-layer co- extruded barrier fumigation films made from very flexible high-strength polyethylene and an inner layer made of EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol), a polymer with extremely low permeability to gases.

  •     Reduced fumigant rates without loss of efficacy

  •     Maximize yield
  •     Significantly reduce fumigant odor problems


  •    AgriWrap is a multi-layer stretch film suitable for traditional bale wrapping. The film’s mechanical properties ensure trouble-free use in all conditions.

Key benefits
  • Optimised formula and layer construction
  • High UV protection
  • Uniform quality for reliable bale wrapping
  • High puncture and tear resistance


To become a world class leading service driven national center for technical textile with international accreditation to serve the industry in general and agriculture sector in particular

Strawberry crop on Mulched Beds


A mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of soil. Reasons for applying mulch include conservation of soil moisture, improving fertility and health of the soil, reducing weed growth and enhancing the visual appeal of the area. It can be applied to bare soil or around existing plants.

Special textiles that are manufactured for agricultural applications.
These textile structures are used as controlling environment for plants / animals in applications like

  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Animal husbandry

Sunscreen net, Wind shield nets, Bird nets, Crop covers, Harvesting nets, Insect nets, Mulch mat , Anti-hailstone nets, Packing sacks and, wrappers, Fishing nets, Cut grass collection bags, Underlay fabrics, Udder support nets.

  • Air proof so as not to permit any moisture vapour to escape.
  • Thermal proof for preservation of temperature and prevention of evaporation
  • Durable at least for one crop season

Mulch India Gallery

Centre of Excellence Agro-Textiles


Indian market is expected to increase from Rs. 510 crores in 2007 to Rs. 742 crores by 2012


A protective cover

To suppress weed growth, retain soil moisture, or prevent freezing of roots.



A protective covering, as of bark chips, straw, or plastic sheeting, placed on the ground around plants to suppress weed growth, retain soil moisture, or prevent freezing of roots.

Types Of Green House

Low cost – Vegetable, Medium cost tunnel – Spices , High cost - Floriculture

Advantages of Mulching Process

Protection from attack of birds, insects, other pests and prevention of weed growth, reduction in harvesting and post harvesting losses. .

Cultivation by Mulch

Cover the film to the entire area around the tree and the end should be buried in the ground. Semi circular holes could be made at four corners of the film in order to facilitate water movement. The position of the slit/opening should be parallel to the wind direction. Cover the corners of the film with 4-6 inches of soil on all sides to keep the filmin position.


"To become a world class leading service driven national center for technical textile with international accreditation to serve the industry in general and agriculture sector in particular."


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